What is DBC all about?

CS Fletcher is passionate about telling stories.
Professional life = nearly two decades in journalism, education, and race & identity work — teaching and incorporating race into daily classroom life starting with preschoolers; holding “How to Talk to Your Kids About Race” sessions for many white parents; teaching adults (educators & not) how to notice bias and privilege and be intentionally inclusive and antiracist. In doing so, Fletcher had plenty of daily border crossing moments: times and places where the (unwritten) expectation is to abide by the dominant cultural’s norms with little to no thought put into the needs or wants of those who did not fall into the majority. That sh*t is taxing and tiring. And that wasn’t just Fletcher’s experience. That was the experience of countless people she encountered at events locally and nationally. Soon people who advocated for such people or had tangential experiences began sharing their stories too. The journalism bug began a-buzzing again. And Fletcher’s digital baby, Daily Border Crossings, was born.

Daily Border Crossings – DBC – is an outlet for said stories. Everyday people living everyday lives. . .but with limits. People who get “othered” at their workplace, school, wherever.
DBC features Other.
It gives a voice to Other.
It sheds light on the impact and what it’s like to spend day after day “crossing” a border, not being able to be your full self because of living by other folks’ expectations. And stories of tangential experiences, too.
DBC is a place for common ground, encouragement, and laughter. The hope is that sharing stories of feelings and impact can cause a change in action/treatment of “other.”

Fletcher is also a proud spouse and parent of 2 sons, lover of hip hop (esp. 90s & 2000s), and often thinks about ways to change the world, or at least make a sizable dent in it.